Find the right path to nationality

If you’re seeking the path to nationality in the Empire of Morocco as a Moroccan national, then you must pledge your consent and allegiance to a provincial Moroccan State Government, in accordance with treaty obligations. The Sovereign State of Allodium Moorish Praedium Ante Colorado has restored a ratified, deposited, and promulgated organic Constitution in the territory formerly known as Colorado.

Our territorial State boundary lines are in conformity with the norms of (uti possidetis juris) and the ordinary customs of international law. Any Moorish subject that has been naturalized in a foreign country can choose between the entire submission to the laws of our provincial Moroccan State government and renounce and denounce any prior naturalized status with a foreign country in accordance with the Madrid Convention of July 3, 1880, Article 15 paragraph (1), and in conformity with our internal Moroccan State laws. For more information regarding the pathway to a competent nationality status and the right to self-determination, please contact us.