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We are the Moors of Morocco, the mothers and sons, in northwest Amexem, northwest Africa, north America, and standing on our five points of light, love, truth, peace, freedom and justice; in order to restore a balanced order, just protections, reciprocal wealth and cultural integrity for ourselves and our jus sanguine heirs, do establish this law of restoration for Allodium Moorish Praedium ante Colorado.

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AMPAC’s de jure goverment officials are committed to upholding their
oaths of office in the fulfilment of their duties. Learn more.

AMPAC Wazir Al'Rais DeAndre Dre Bey
DeAndre Dre Bey

Wazir Al’Rais

AMPAC Seyaraha Brittany Bey
Brittany Bey


AMPAC Chief Qazi Jay Jermaine Bey
Jay Jermaine Bey

Chief Qazi

AMPAC Consular General Conya Bey
Conya Bey

Consular General

AMPAC Hajib Chad Rahel Bey
Chad Rahel Bey


AMPAC Assistant Hajib Nova Elu El
Nova Elu El

Assistant Hajib

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AMPAC Official No Picture Placeholder


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AMPAC is proud to have inspired the ascension of other Moorish
body politics into statehood via erudition from our free study sessions.