Inauguration is a significant event that marks the beginning of a new term for elected officials. It is a formal ceremony where the newly elected or re-elected official takes the oath of office and is officially recognized as a member of government. Inaugurations are important to the State as they symbolize the peaceful transfer of power and continuity of governance. It provides an opportunity for officials to outline their vision, plans, and priorities for the coming term. On this page, we provide a history of AMPAC’s inaugurations and key information (for context) listed in order from the most recent event.

Inaugurations of Allodium Moorish Praedium Ante Colorado (AMPAC)


The inauguration of the third Seyaraha, Brittany Bey and the second Wazir Al’Rais, DeAndre Dre Bey was held on the above stated date in order to fill the vacancies remaining after the removal of the former Seyaraha, Ahava El and the former Wazir Al’Rais Dawud El. This inauguration ceremony also featured the newly appointed Hajib, Chad Rahel Bey and Assistant Hajib (Minister of Foreign Affairs), Nova Elu El. Oath of Office was read by the Chief Qazi Jay Jermaine Bey and affirmed by all three officials. Also in attendance are the Mufti, Conya Bey and the Hajib Chad Bey.

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The inauguration ceremony of the second Seyaraha, Ahava El was conducted on the above stated date in order to fill the vacancy left when the first Seyaraha, FULL_APPELLATION when she stepped down.

AMPAC Inauguration 2021
AMPAC Inauguration 2021


The first official inauguration ceremony of Allodium Moorish Praedium Ante Colorado (AMPAC). Held on the above date, all of the original elected AMPAC officials were formally sworn into office. These include the first Seyaraha, FULL_APPELLATION; the Chief Qazi Jay, Jermaine Bey; the first Wazir Al’Rais, Dawud El; the Hajib, FULL_APPELLATION; the Mufti, FULL_APPELLATION.